Saturday, June 5, 2010

!!! I Am What I Am !!!

!!! Biggest adventure of life is "getting to know yourself" !!!

I am humble, I am rude
I am obedient, I make my own rules
I am a smile, shimmering the sunlight,
I am a tear, escaping through the moonlight
I am a hope of the heart
I am a secret regret of the past
I am identity of my responsibility
I am a question to my own credibility

I am honest to my associations
I am liar to my obligations
I am happy with my relations
I am sad with my imagination
I am the relief of the heart, who spoke
I am scream of the soul, which broke
I am the calm of my pampering
I am the chaos of my suicidal extremes

I am the faith of my prayers
I am the fantasy of my dreamers
I am the gossip of the streets
I am the idol to the young beats
I am the winner to my abilities
I am the reason to the enemies conspiracy
I am the wings to my soul
I am the destination of thoughts as they roll

I am the light in the midnight
I am the darkness of my sight
I am the lover of the forgotten
I am the keeper of past,rotten
I am courage of my steps
I am weakness of my lapse
I am the ecstasy of my lover
I am the change, till it gets all over 
 "This is my identity And, So I love myself unconditionally"

Written By - Ritika Patel


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