Monday, November 29, 2010

!!! Love Jealousy Betrayal: Part 1 !!!

The Unknown -
Staring at them from my veil
I saw my life swaying away
As they danced their way into the new life
Standing near their wedding cake
I saw her taking away the life that could have been mine..

Love has a funny way with the world
Relationships needs a definition in a word
How can I tell the world about my love?
When you and I don’t share any defined word

I see the pain I left in my past
When I stepped outside from their open world
And entered your disguised hut
You took over my soul and made us one

Now I will go & wait for the night
The only time when we can unite
I couldn’t stand her wedding white
I just want to embrace my green sight
If I had to cover our love red in distress
Fine!  I am ready to be called your mistress

…………………To Be Continued………….………

Written By: Ritika Patel 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

!!! Life as it Was !!!

Life seemed the best in the streets of childhood
I felt the purest covered with the dust playing under the wood
Nothing seemed important yet Everything was bigger than life
Situations and problems got over with just a smile...

Life seemed way too easy when they hold the strings
They took the decisions and the burden of the sting
Now as I entered the real game, from the very start
I knew I don't want to play and I will not Last...

Love was never too complicated
And loving someone was never so overrated
Caring came without questions
And easy was the flow of affection....

The innocence flew away faster than the light
Wings of freedom chained my life
I couldn't believe I waited for this life to start
Then why do I want to return to those streets of past...

Life seemed the best in the streets of childhood
I felt the purest covered with the dust playing under the wood !!

Written By: Ritika Patel

!!! I DO .... !!!

Warmth of winter breeze in your arms around me
Beautiful sounds of night in the words you speak
Twinkling of stars in your eyes as they look at me
You said Love and I smiled with a glee...

Support of life in your hands when they hold me
Glimpse of life I see and alive I feel as you hug me
Clouds of heaven I am in, when you make love to me
You said Commitment then Why did it make me wanna flee....

Written By: Ritika Patel


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