Monday, February 21, 2011

!!! Courage: Gist of Life !!!

Principle of Selfless living is awarding me pain,
This righteous virtue is turning me insane,
Every honest deed of giving is going in vain,
With so little left & nothing to gain.

Emotional backstabbing has left my soul wounded,
My heart broken & feelings grounded,
Gentility & Honesty were the attributes accepted,
But people of this city has different values propounded.

Vulgarity and Cheating are the order of the day,
My principles are receiving deathblows everyday,
So, much of swindle always at play,
Sometimes I feel its better to keep at bay.

Why cant I amalgam with modern contours?
Why cant I be coloured in the colour of these rules?
My soul replies No!
Show some wisdom in the city of fools!

Winds of truth should always be blowing,
River of relief must always be flowing,
Self - esteem ought to be growing,
No matter how much it pains just keep growing

Impart to the world a valued direction,
Simply execute total dedication,
When you embark for a new destination.

Ritz.. : Wish I knew the Source ...!


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