Thursday, December 23, 2010

!!! You Are My Sanity !!!

When I breathe through your skin
It makes me want to live a lit bit every day
When I see through your eyes
It makes me want to believe the goodness of god’s ways

When you look me in the eye
I feel the universe in my heart collide
When you cuddle me in your arms
I feel in my veins the ocean’s calm

Your glowing smile is my light in this dark world,
I give you my heart, my soul; you materialize my dream world..!!

Written By: Ritika Patel

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

!!! Not God, Its The Karma That Speaks !!!

When things go wrong in your life, that’s the time when you realize who is really worth staying in your life and who are there for their own convenience. When in a relationship, it’s very important to "give" as much as you expect to "take" whether from your family, your relatives, your companion or your friends. This statement stands true for every relationship. If in case this balance between give & take expectations are not maintained and yet the relationship is going strong than basically its one of the person who ends up giving way too much than required and it will be safe and true to assume that the same person who is giving more than his share is bound to get hurt the most

I never complained when you forgot all what I did for you to shoo away your worries and frowns, it never mattered to me but it mattered when you forgot the friendship behind it. It’s amazing when things turn the other way around and you expect people to hold your hand so that you can bravely wait for your nightmare to end, more often than not you will find yourself alone staring in the dark wondering why, when you gave everything for them they left you alone in the most troublesome time of your life.
But your heart makes you understand that it’s not their responsibility to hold you if you are tripping all over. And so, you completely disregard the simple fact that they were never worth trusting but when you do realize it than all you could think of is erasing the person, that relationship and its memories from your life as if it never existed.

To be so ruthless, ignorant and selfish in a relationship only shows the lack of humanity in your very nature. What amazes me is that these inhuman people can give everything and act in any possible way to be known as “true friend”, “good soul”, or “having an amazingly saint like heart”.

One of all the things I believe in most is KARMA. I believe the “bad” you do the “worst” you get and the “good” you do the “best” you attract. And I believe equally in blissful ignorance of your own self being, will never let you stay in any relationship longer and this ignorance of self understanding and self flaws will let you inflict pain in the lives of all the people around you.

I removed myself quietly from the life of people with the partial understanding of their own self ignorance about themselves.  I understand to my cost that when people are living in the illusion of them being the superior being, no matter what you do to make them see the reality, it is only going to back fire upon you and only you. It’s best as I wrote earlier to quietly step out of "their" life and cut them out completely from "yours".

I was scared to believe another soul again until he came along and I understood now how very important it is for us to experience all the "good" and all the "bad". Because I got all the bad from the people I trusted the most now I receive the best from the person I didn’t even know I could trust so much.

Karma in the end is all your do’s and don’ts. 

Written By: Ritika Patel


Human's : Forever slaves of their emotions for as long as their existence will allow them to be ...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

!!! Love As You See It !!!

Love was "LOVE", When I loved you..!!!
Love was "LIFE", When you loved me.!!!
Love was "HEAVEN", When you kissed me.!!!
Love was "PASSION", When you touched me.!!!

Love was "DIFFICULT", When you wanted me.!!!
Love was "HURTING", When you left me.!!!
Love was "SUFFOCATING", When I wanted you.!!!
Love was "PAIN", When I saw someone else with you.!!!

Love was "PAST", When I tried to move on.!!!
Love was "ENTANGLING",When on your memories I stumbled upon.!!!
Love was "EVIL", When all I could do, but remember you in everything.!!!
Love was "FRUSTRATING", When our ways kept crossing.!!!

Love keeps "REOCCURRING", When I keep my self from you.!!!
Love is "TIRING", When I keep escaping it from the world.!!!
Love is "HEARTLESS". When it gave you someone but none to me.!!!
Love is "DEATH", When I made you non-existent for my world.!!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Sunday, December 5, 2010

!!! Betrayal Love Jealousy: Part 2 !!!

The Groom -
I saw my whole life,Glistening in her eyes,
As she so elegantly walked down the aisle.
Glowing in the sunlight her magnificent white,
Standing ovation to the bride with their green sight.

It was the right thing to ask for her hand,
The moment I saw her she became my wedding band.
She was my most wonderful long lost friend,
And she fitted perfectly in my plan.

Love is what she had for me,
Shedidnt know, one wrong move,
And for three people it will be heart - breaking,
I cant show her that in this wedding I am just faking.

My eyes kept searching for my "Love",
This wedding is hurting more than she can show.
I wish I can hold her hand instead..
But against the tradition of my world I had to bow.

.........................To Be Continued........................

Written By: Ritika Patel

Monday, November 29, 2010

!!! Love Jealousy Betrayal: Part 1 !!!

The Unknown -
Staring at them from my veil
I saw my life swaying away
As they danced their way into the new life
Standing near their wedding cake
I saw her taking away the life that could have been mine..

Love has a funny way with the world
Relationships needs a definition in a word
How can I tell the world about my love?
When you and I don’t share any defined word

I see the pain I left in my past
When I stepped outside from their open world
And entered your disguised hut
You took over my soul and made us one

Now I will go & wait for the night
The only time when we can unite
I couldn’t stand her wedding white
I just want to embrace my green sight
If I had to cover our love red in distress
Fine!  I am ready to be called your mistress

…………………To Be Continued………….………

Written By: Ritika Patel 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

!!! Life as it Was !!!

Life seemed the best in the streets of childhood
I felt the purest covered with the dust playing under the wood
Nothing seemed important yet Everything was bigger than life
Situations and problems got over with just a smile...

Life seemed way too easy when they hold the strings
They took the decisions and the burden of the sting
Now as I entered the real game, from the very start
I knew I don't want to play and I will not Last...

Love was never too complicated
And loving someone was never so overrated
Caring came without questions
And easy was the flow of affection....

The innocence flew away faster than the light
Wings of freedom chained my life
I couldn't believe I waited for this life to start
Then why do I want to return to those streets of past...

Life seemed the best in the streets of childhood
I felt the purest covered with the dust playing under the wood !!

Written By: Ritika Patel

!!! I DO .... !!!

Warmth of winter breeze in your arms around me
Beautiful sounds of night in the words you speak
Twinkling of stars in your eyes as they look at me
You said Love and I smiled with a glee...

Support of life in your hands when they hold me
Glimpse of life I see and alive I feel as you hug me
Clouds of heaven I am in, when you make love to me
You said Commitment then Why did it make me wanna flee....

Written By: Ritika Patel

Saturday, October 23, 2010

!!! BIrthday Bash & BIrthday Blessings !!!

Blessed birthday wishes
From family and relatives
Wonderful gifts and delectable food
With loads of chocolates to chew!!

Rocking birth day wishes
From all the old friends and new
Smiles all around me
Feeling as new as morning dew!!

Beautiful birthday wishes
From near and far
Loved every moment of My Day
Can’t wait for another year to start!!

Happy birthday wishes
From posts, mails, scraps & phone
Oh my god!! I am so overwhelmed
I want to capture every moment before the day is gone!!

Birthday wishes so wonderful
Birthday blues of last year is vanished
I bow my head in front of the god
For giving me new memories to cherish!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Saturday, October 2, 2010

!!! Fire & Ice !!!

Life doesn’t seem the same as it used to be
Meaning of love is lost in the practicality of my compromise
Why did I close my eyes when I could really see
Before you decided my destiny as you rolled the dice

I became the spectator of my own life’s show
You wrote the script without letting my part roll
I broke inside the boundaries of your decision
As you never required time for this transition

As I helplessly melted in the fire you broke
I looked around for something to turn me gold
But everywhere all I could see is your hatred heat
Even with my unconditional love, our story I couldn’t complete

You made me weep till I fell short of breath
Still in this darkness I again search for the light
Hoping I will find your traces or may be catch your sight

I curse my own foolishness
Aware of my icy existence I still search for your fire
Knowing we cannot exist together
I would rather be erased by you than by someone who doesn’t matter

When the show has ended long back
Why do you still hold the strings to my puppet soul?
Why do I still feel the irresistible pull?
Why my life doesn’t seem as it was before….
Why the meaning of life is lost in waiting for the end of this show….

Written By – Ritika Patel

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

!!! To Love is You .... !!!

Love is not Fair...... Since I Loved you I liked the unfairness of Life .....
Love is not Painless..... Since I Loved you I am in Love with this pain .....
Love is not being Alone ... Then how can I be in Love with this Loneliness ....

Written by - Ritika Patel

!!! It surely Is.. !!!

Life is surely funny ...

Where Misery and Failures is the sarcasm &
Hard work & Destiny are the catch lines ....
If you catch the "catch" lines you might have the last laugh
if you sulk on the sarcasm you might
never understand the humor behind it.

Written by - Ritika Patel

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

!!! Past .... Still not too Far !!!

Why when forgetting past relationships, either good or bad, all the reliability and trust ends with the end ofthat relation.

Every time people from your past tell tales about you it makes you wonder whether you should be trusting the relationship you are in at present or not.. 

Nobody can predict the life of a relationship, Nobody can vouch for its sustainability, but some people from your past relationships, even when out of your life, still can stop you from being yourself in your present relationships.

You share yourself innocently with people you trust and rely on. Same relationships when breaks and your innocence in used by the people from your past with out any second thought makes you an introvert in your all future relationships thinking or rather wondering who will be the next one using you till your innocence dies away and you become like others, I still wonder, I do wonder.... 

Written By - Ritika Patel - "In Disappointment"

Monday, September 20, 2010

!!! Love ...... is it???!!!

"Love" for me was always overrated. The need of being with someone all the time and when apart the constant wondering what your love is up to and where he is, what he is doing. The desperate feeling of immediately sharing a wonderful experience or news with him or the excitement of meeting him, when you wait for your wall clock to tick away to your desired time.

I remember laughing it off when I use to see others going through this, "what a terrible state of mind" use to be my reaction. And I completely dismissed these feelings of the ones who did felt the same with me. As I was more to them than they were to me. But I was never able to connect with them that deeply even though I stayed in the relationship sometimes for their sake sometimes for the sake of the useless habit of seeing them in my life day in and day out.

Ironically now finding myself in the same situation, I hear the distant laugh of the people, the ones who are already way ahead than me in this journey. Feeling, what I feel every second of the day for you, I cannot fathom why "love" should not be overrated.

With your presence in my life my past seems so lifeless. With your presence in my days my past days looks like a dark night. With your presence in my nights I never knew that darkness could be filled with shine. I can never say now I regret the time we saw each other on that first night.

As you take my hand I get pulled towards life. As you hold me I can feel freedom from the invisible bonds of my past. I wonder now, is this what they termed as "Love" & I wonder is it here to last. I asked you that day "what it is?" you replied almost spontaneously saying "Love, what else do you think" as you smiled that killing smile.

In your eyes promises I do see. In your words calmness and peace I do feel. In your presence the clouds from eclipse disperses leaving me to bath under the rays of your love. I wonder if this is the love I do feel I wonder is this the Love I did see. Sharing words with you is always comforting, I never knew sharing silence could be so fulfilling. Why in your arms I do feel complete. Why without you my days are so obsolete.

Why my heart churns every time I see your name on the incoming call, why I curse the night after biding you goodnight. I wonder how long I will be able to keep this; I wonder how long will it be when it will be your time to leave too.

Love, I understand why you hold me tighter in every meet whispering promises for keeping my clouds of confusion away till we bid. Baby, I understand why you flip when we are apart because you know my way too practical mind will be building dams over my feelings to stop them from pouring. But I want to ask you how can you understand that it’s your hold that is keeping me with you, Baby how could you understand it’s your care and understanding of my mind and soul that I am connected to you so deeply. You asked me that day "So, What do you think it is? As usual my confused soul and practical mind snapped back answering you with another question " it??? And we laughed together for the hundredth time.

Written By - Ritika Patel

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

!!! The Winner Takes It All !!!

If you must Win, "Win" in a way that they can never stop applauding !!
If you must Lose, "Lose" in a way that they never stop recalling !!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Friday, September 10, 2010

!!! Random Scribbling !!!

I have been very lucky to be blessed with friends so wonderful that I am still in contact with all the close friends from my school, Graduation College and PG College. I just can’t imagine my life without this piece of puzzle called "friends" in my life which makes my life all the more exciting and adventures.

It’s amazing the kind of relationship I share with my friends, even after not being in contact for days together at times we still can talk for hours, when we do call - up, and talk about anything under the sun. I love such wonderful and easy relationships in life.

Recently, I got an SMS from an old contact of mine showing concern of my whereabouts. It’s so wonderful to get these messages from close knit friends because you exactly know they are your forever well wishers and so your answers are always honest if life is good the answer is so, and if not you tell the truth. But you get into a little confusion while answering to people like the one in question here. These people are the one who “only” act like your friend because they don’t have any and they are in need for friendship.

These People or so called "Friends" try to keep "you" as a "closest friend" in their life because they have none, and you fail to understand that, even when others try to make you see the reality because you are blinded with the temporary truth and satisfaction. All this while they play well with their convenience because they know you have everything to offer them - happiness, courage, calm, peace and support.

But these are the people who are the first ones to run away from you when you are so troubled with life that you run out of things like this to offer. This is the time when they see their convenience shoved out of the door and they start cutting corners. Or in some cases so called "friends" like this can shove you out of the door when they get the same things fulfilled with other people who are probably less troubled with life and willing to offer things which you temporary fail to offer.

But thankfully this troubled times in your life will help you see who is important in your life or who should be important in your life and this acid of troubled times which is burning you so deep can also help in dissolving the mask of these so called "friends" too. This is when you see their face, hear their real thoughts and feel their coldness. This is the time you see how much they are hating you and your troubles because they have to act like a support in it, this is the time you hear all their curses, curses so bad which can send a chill through your spine, this is when you feel how unacceptable your down turn is to them, all this while they fail to remember you were like a strong pillar in their bad times or you gave them an ear at the middle of the night.

This is when I get confused thinking what should I answer to such SMS's from these people because whatever curse they gave me in order to shove me out of their life has not come true as yet. Or what ever bad place they wished for me to be in, I am not there. How many times they made me realize that I never had anything to offer, to any one, in anything what so ever. And since that day I have been showered with only wonderful people, friends and companion in my life who constantly tells me how important I am to them.

So, when asked by these kinds of people - If I am keeping good? Then according to their definition of what "good" should be in my life (aka their wishes/curse for me). I should reply that "I am not at all good", in fact, unfortunately for them only the things I wished for has happened to me and none that they wished for me. So answering this will satisfy both the sides ... is'nt it?? LOL

Scribbled By: Ritika Patel

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

!!! I Dont Need You ... Or Do I ?? !!!

We dont belong together,I am aware
Neiher do we share any strings that can pull us back
How strange once connected with our souls
Now apart, as we were never together..
Leaving you is the wisest move of my history
As you only used me always, I am aware

But still sometimes its your and only your memories
That can put me to sleep in rutheless nights...
Now I am using you, are you aware???

Written By : Ritika Patel

Friday, August 27, 2010

!!! Love in First Night !!!

In between florescence of reflecting lights
 like the sun plays around the sea shore
I could feel your aura as you entered the door
In between that deafening music
I could hear your breathing
And my friends teasing
Under that domed roof our eyes met for the first time

Like magnets desperate to end friction between them
I walked towards you as you did towards me
Losing myself In the trance of your magnitude
I moved with your every move
Your hands around my waist
Closing my eyes to feel your taste

Lost in the Ecstasy of the night
May be it was love at first site
or the convenience to escape the dark light

We lost each other in our first site
And tried finding the way back all the following nights
Restless soul of mine wandered around
When you tried to hold me as I shattered after every round

We shared our childhood holes
Some complete and incomplete dreams
The people who broke us
The friendships that ruined us
The love that remained away
And companions that never crossed the way

You gave me everything, you said
With my silence you looked away
I am too broken I said
Can you give me the friendship I craved
Can you love me so bad that I can forget 
Can you mend my soul so that I stop looking for the missing pieces
and the ones that i lost along the way
I am too broken I said
Stay away or you would find yourself destroyed

Your hold got tighter and your kiss wilder
And I felt the peace in my restless soul...

Written By - Ritika Patel

Saturday, August 21, 2010

!!! When Broken !!!


Your feelings as precious as diamonds
Your laughter like jingle bells
I will keep it in my heart
Till the diamonds lose its shine
And the bells loses its Chime

Your words like a musical note
Your sound like a nightingales’ charm
I will keep it in my heart
Till the music stops
And the charm is lost

Your love like a midnight sun
Your caress like a breeze on the cotton bun
I will keep it in my heart
Till the eclipse struck
And the storm breaks my luck

Your memories having every season
Waiting for you without any reason
I will keep it all cherished in my heart
Till the Season fades away
And rational reasons get in way
Our essence lost in the sands of time
As my heart laments for the broken charm & chime
How long will I keep it in my heart?
Sand castles once broken couldn’t be formed again
Heart bonds once broken, couldn't be tied again.

Written By - Ritika Patel  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

!!! You .... My Love !!!

Life changed, Meaning of renascence I understood now,
Relationship I Reaped, Meaning of sowing I understood now,
Diminishing Restlessness, Meaning of peace I understood now,
Surrounded Happiness, Meaning of prayers I understood now

You are to me, as hunger is
For a kid starved for a century
You are to me, as thirst is
For pedestrian fooled by mirage in desert county
You are to me, as belonging is
For an orphan by destiny
You are to me, as love is
For a vacuous soul like me….

Written By :

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

!!! Rage of Unspoken Emotions !!!

Disgusted from my heart
With this natures virtue of life
As I stood in the line
Waiting for my share of Shine

I live with the rules of my nurturing
Morals I walked on, clutching
Dreams I believed on, hoping
Relationships I worked on, Trusting

All shattered with a deafening thud on my "Life's" Ground
As I waited for My Stars to Shine Down..

As I walked on the edge of destiny
Hands clutched me on this ride, so topsy & turvy
I cannot fathom the price they asked in returned
Because of them now I shun my heart, so broken

Laughing memoirs of happiness and warmth,
Reflected through the tear I dropped on my broken crown
As I waited for My Stars to Shine Down

Continued to walk aimlessly
Awareness lost in the illusions of reality
Offering insolence, grudging over my destiny
Hoping for courage to avenge for life's cruelty

I gainsaid the god's game asking for a showdown
As I waited for My Stars to Shine Down

Those hands asked for a filthy price
They supported me once but now they made me fall
Blinding me as they flaunted their own shine

I never invaded others dream
I never questioned others sheen
Then Why, when I am in the dark alley
They flaunt their meaningless trophy

When My heart only prayed for them to win the crown
In front of them they expect me to bow
When I still await my Stars to Shine down

Stabbing pain of heart, life so impossible
Burning tears, vision so impossible
Choked throat, speech so impossible

Broken strength, Faith so impossible:
For my Life to gain the Momentum..
For the Light to show me the Direction..
For the Reasons behind the Broken Relations..
For Explanations behind Failed Initiations..
For Dusk that never reached the Dawn
As I still await for My Stars To Shine Down....

Written By - Ritika Patel in "rage"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

!!! Virtual Reality !!!

I have dreams to fulfill
I have promises to keep
I have roles to play
I have tasks to accomplish
I have given up dreams long ago
I make promises not knowing why
I hate being everything so I just “Let go”
In this world it’s "me".. I don’t usually rely
I care for my beloved ones
I cry for my relations
I take hatred and deceit
But love is all I have for it
I care to be cared for
If I have a tear I make sure they have ten more
I hate to be hated, I can’t tolerate deceit
Love is far away, I won’t give you a second look
If it’s not about my priorities
I try and I fail, so I try again
I fly and I drop, So I fly again
I walk and I fall, So I walk again
I love and I get hurt, So I love again
If it isn’t for the world
I will lie and sulk for a life for my every drop and pain
If it isn’t for the life
I would never fall in love and waste myself in vain
I do it for myself
I do it because it is right
I do it because I am alone
I do it because when I turn around
I could see at least "some" standing in the line
I am not “you”
I can’t be “You”
I am different I am better
You can’t be “Me”
You live in pretence you live a lie
I know it all, I am your shadow 
I am you Virtual reality 

Written By -  letaP akitiR

Sunday, July 4, 2010

!!! You Are Not Alone !!!

Wake up and keep moving,
You don’t know how to loose
Then don’t try to find out “how”
Move on, the path is long
And you have me all along

Wake up and keep fighting
End the fight don’t end yourself
Wipe the sweat and the tears
Make room for the laugh lines
Fight – up, the path is long
And you have me all along

Wake up and keep the faith
Good moments are over
So, will be harsh times
You never counted the minutes in happiness
Then stop counting seconds of the sadness
Keep the faith; I know the path is long
But you do have me all along

Wake up and open your eyes
Let me know you feel me when I touch
Let me see the twinkle in your eyes
Let me be the charm of your smile
Let me hear the music in your voice
Let me have you just one more time…

Wake up; it’s us against this disease
Don’t let your determination
Cease to exists

Wake up; it’s me to hold you tight
Hand in hand we will end this fight
I know the path is tough and long
My love, I will be there all along


Written By - Ritika Patel

Friday, June 25, 2010

!!! Irony !!!

“Relationships” are incomplete without expectations.

“Expectations” can ruin relationships….

Relationships which could survive the irony of life are eternal.

“Eternal” is not something which cannot die….

But which is kept alive.

Unfulfilled expectations steal away the peace…

“Peace” can never be eternal.

Need for peace is an expectation in itself.

Expectations never die….

But not even relationships.

But, people do die….

Then how come souls are eternal!!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Sunday, June 20, 2010

!!! Love You DaD !!!

I took my first step holding your hand , I read my first letter sitting on your lap, I cried my first tears on your shoulder, First time I rode bicycle keeping faith in you, I first stepped out of home seeing the belief in your eyes, I stood up from my first failure taking your support, I celebrated my every success because you applaud me, believed in me and loved me unconditionally. You are my guide, My support, My strength, You are my father, Happy Father's Day PaPa!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

!!! Crises of a Quarter !!!

A warm prickling feeling of steam of coffee around my knees and a cool tingling effect of drizzling rain on the side of my face. I am loving it. First the monsoons in Mumbai try your patience by not coming and then they get on your nerves by not going. Sitting on the edge of my window I can view the whole city somehow I have this strange feeling as if I am looking at the mirror image of my very own life. I don't know why but I am liking the view, its familiar in its own strangeness, its warm in its own coldness.

The city is as blurred as my path ahead in my life, there are some places of this city I don't like and would love to never even cross it just like some shade of my personality which I hate and would never like to accept that it exist in my life. Some roads intermixed in each other looks as confusing as the reason behind everything that happens to me.

Some skyscrapers as high as I feel, half of the times in best of my moods, from where every thing looks wonderful and approaching. Some buildings as ugly and low as I feel, other half of the times, from where every thing else other than your life looks better.

Looking at the strangers walking down the road, all have a task to accomplish, some walking together some all alone, looking at the pictures on my wall, of people I call my family thinking who is'nt a stranger for me?

Looking at the couples down the park walking hand in hand, or sitting on the moist wooden benches finding peace on each others shoulder, looking at my past I search for a trace of that feeling, craving or peace.

Looking at the group of friends on the food stalls, bantering, I wonder how long it had been since I last enjoyed that moment with my friends, I wonder how long it had been since I have not felt like a stranger with the best of my friends? I wonder how well connected I feel with the ones I meet rarely and how distant with the ones I am surrounded with.

I saw a child sitting in the far away corner, and all I could do to stop myself from going down there and tell that child that "I know, I understand".Unlike that child I have a home and a family and friends and all the luxury, but more often then not I had felt scared, and helpless and insecure and lost.

Looking at the Kids playing in the mud, I wonder about the time I wished to leave my mess behind, and walk out to play in the mud not knowing about future and not pondering about the past. None is in my hand and nothing seems promising enough but I still cherish every moment and sulk at the same time.

Looking at the people working in shops and their offices, I wonder do they feel lost in their jobs too,where one day you feel everything is meant to be and perfect in everysense and other days you just stare at the desktop screen wondering "what am I doing" "why the hell am i working here" and the next moment you try your best to perform the best.

The absence of prickling feeling on my knees have gone and the coffee kept beside me is now as cold as the wheather outside, rain has stopped and the wonderful essence of earth, pleasant gushes of breeze bringing the aroma of doused leaves, makes me calm and arises my innocence once again. But now I am too bored to look at the city anymore, probably go catch a movie or hang out with friends, or call the ones I didnt get time to revert all this week or just go and sleep or just take a look at the documents I need to go through before tomorrows meeting. Man !!! was'nt I just loathing all these things few minutes ago?
Well,I guess this is what is called as Quarter Life Crises :) ):

Written By - Ritika Patel

Thursday, June 10, 2010

!!! F.R.I.E.N.D !!!

I dont know when it hit me
But my life was a broken history

I dont know what went wrong
But you lied and cheated all along
I dont know why I hate you
But I cant stop loving you

I dont know how can I come back to you
But you never tried to come back either
I dont know whether I should start fresh with you
But you never tried to initiate either

I don't know if your shield was to protect me from world
Or to keep me all alone
Or its for you to keep yourself from being alone
But it damaged me completely for sure

I dont know if you will ever realise your mistake
But I wont be there when you would
I dont know if you will ever realise what you did
But I hope with my heart if you could

You Broke,You Shattered
And I became the only one getting clobbered
I don't know if you are still my closest friend
But I know I never really understood the trend
When I made my worst enemy my best friend !

(Relationships doesn't break because we did something wrong,
Relationships break when we get into it with someone wrong)
Every thing in our life and life itself completes a full circle and vanishes.

Written By - Ritika Patel

Saturday, June 5, 2010

!!! I Am What I Am !!!

!!! Biggest adventure of life is "getting to know yourself" !!!

I am humble, I am rude
I am obedient, I make my own rules
I am a smile, shimmering the sunlight,
I am a tear, escaping through the moonlight
I am a hope of the heart
I am a secret regret of the past
I am identity of my responsibility
I am a question to my own credibility

I am honest to my associations
I am liar to my obligations
I am happy with my relations
I am sad with my imagination
I am the relief of the heart, who spoke
I am scream of the soul, which broke
I am the calm of my pampering
I am the chaos of my suicidal extremes

I am the faith of my prayers
I am the fantasy of my dreamers
I am the gossip of the streets
I am the idol to the young beats
I am the winner to my abilities
I am the reason to the enemies conspiracy
I am the wings to my soul
I am the destination of thoughts as they roll

I am the light in the midnight
I am the darkness of my sight
I am the lover of the forgotten
I am the keeper of past,rotten
I am courage of my steps
I am weakness of my lapse
I am the ecstasy of my lover
I am the change, till it gets all over 
 "This is my identity And, So I love myself unconditionally"

Written By - Ritika Patel

Monday, May 31, 2010

!!! Sometimes it's just not worth it !!!

Flood of emotions is going through my mind as I try to pen this down. Rage so strong that I am scared my fingers will break the keys and my only way out of this bond. I don't know what should I write as my fingers pain to jot down every feeling I am going through.

Emotions: as simply they are spelled becomes as complicated when they are felt. I simply fail to understand the notion of people when they ruin the simplicity of an emotion by their cunning mind and ruthless approach. As their heart claims to be pure when their vibe is full of hatred and darkness.

A small gesture full of innocence and naive happiness is turned into a mistake of the day when you are being blamed for feeling it and even thinking about it. A simple act of recollecting old memoirs is turned into a pool of hatred.

You cant stop your mind from recalling few happy moments with a person who is responsible for few happy moments and many regrets of your life. And when you do stop it a "message" like "Miss you" can again mess with your head, but before you can reach to grab that light of hope your soul shouts the meaningless emotions behind those two words and you hold your ground strong again.

My heart aches when I feel the suffocation welling up inside me as I try to recollect few happy moments of every broken relationship in my life. Mind stops you from wasting your time and see the reality but heart keeps the hope alive telling you that "All was not bad". But you know deep deep inside your heart though it wasn't all bad but it was bad enough for you and with that your fingers slowly delete the "message" finaly moving towards deleting the memoirs of your few happy moments and many regrets.

Written By - Ritika Patel

Saturday, May 29, 2010

!!! As you Came !!!

As the sun says good bye...
And night shines through your eyes...
I know now my life would never be dim...
As you are my forever Sunshine !!!

Dedicated to My Cousin and her Love !!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Monday, May 24, 2010

!!! Loneliness : My Constant Companion !!!

As I stare outside my window at night
Your memories crawl through the light

As I walk aimlessly on a silent street
My ears are filled with our fighting screams

As my hand tap on my office keyboard
My eyes recalls all the E-mails & SMS we wrote

As I converse casually with my friends and colleagues
All I can hear is our endless conversations & laughing fits

As I eat, talk, laugh and try to be attentive
No one knows pretense & lies is my native

I drank myself to the ruthless night
To stop myself from praying for that one sight

As I constantly surround myself with people
Loneliness plunges in my heart deeper & deeper

As I moved towards his loving care and inviting eyes
Knife of comparisons compels all efforts to die

I tried to forget you in vain
As your love flows through my veins

Wherever I stare outside my window at night
Your memories come crawling through the light

Written By - Ritika Patel

Saturday, May 22, 2010

!!! If You Can't Mend a Broken Heart !!!

Never too late to come out of the night....
Never too late to welcome the moonlight....
Never too late to realize your sunshine....
Never too late to realize what 'is' mine....
Never too late to break all illusions apart....
Never too late to shun the broken heart ...!!!

Written By - Ritika Patel

Friday, May 21, 2010

!!! Let me Fly !!!

Freedom is what I seek
When I was with you
I thought I loved you
You thought I surrendered
Bonded in the ties
Of whats wrong & Whats right

Freedom is what I seek
When I was with you
I thought I am happy
Never realizing its transitory

Welling up of Suffocation
As we fall short of Communication
Going away or letting you go
Is not "something" I would like to think
But Freedom is "something" that I seek

Now living without you
I think I am happy
But I am still suffocated
Stranded on the place we parted
You vanished in a blink
But I was disappointed with my feets
As Freedom is what I seek!!

Written By - Ritika Patel "In hope and prayer"


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