Wednesday, September 8, 2010

!!! I Dont Need You ... Or Do I ?? !!!

We dont belong together,I am aware
Neiher do we share any strings that can pull us back
How strange once connected with our souls
Now apart, as we were never together..
Leaving you is the wisest move of my history
As you only used me always, I am aware

But still sometimes its your and only your memories
That can put me to sleep in rutheless nights...
Now I am using you, are you aware???

Written By : Ritika Patel


  1. Wow!i totally connect wid atleast last 3 lines!

  2. One who loves another can never be completely separated from him/her, whatever misfortune befalls their relationship.
    Lovely poem.

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  4. @payal: Thanks .. Its not my experience but if you could connect to it then I guess others could too ... Coz I cant :P

    @D2: hmm .. I agree in some cases it might be true but not in all .. I have come out from deepest of relationships but once out of it .. I break all connections.. You just gotta be strong.. very strong .. Thanks for the lovely thought :)

    @Vishal: Thankss

  5. Great blog... Deep thoughts... I'll follow you... would you follow me back?

  6. wow! wow wow wow, I simply ADORED that! so meaningful in its own way. and I loved that picture you put with this! really great :)


  7. @filip: Thanks for the compliments .. You can follow me if you feel so.. Keep dropin by:)

    @ Lauren: Thank u Thank U ..and a very warm welcome to flavors ... hope to see more of you here :)


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