Friday, September 10, 2010

!!! Random Scribbling !!!

I have been very lucky to be blessed with friends so wonderful that I am still in contact with all the close friends from my school, Graduation College and PG College. I just can’t imagine my life without this piece of puzzle called "friends" in my life which makes my life all the more exciting and adventures.

It’s amazing the kind of relationship I share with my friends, even after not being in contact for days together at times we still can talk for hours, when we do call - up, and talk about anything under the sun. I love such wonderful and easy relationships in life.

Recently, I got an SMS from an old contact of mine showing concern of my whereabouts. It’s so wonderful to get these messages from close knit friends because you exactly know they are your forever well wishers and so your answers are always honest if life is good the answer is so, and if not you tell the truth. But you get into a little confusion while answering to people like the one in question here. These people are the one who “only” act like your friend because they don’t have any and they are in need for friendship.

These People or so called "Friends" try to keep "you" as a "closest friend" in their life because they have none, and you fail to understand that, even when others try to make you see the reality because you are blinded with the temporary truth and satisfaction. All this while they play well with their convenience because they know you have everything to offer them - happiness, courage, calm, peace and support.

But these are the people who are the first ones to run away from you when you are so troubled with life that you run out of things like this to offer. This is the time when they see their convenience shoved out of the door and they start cutting corners. Or in some cases so called "friends" like this can shove you out of the door when they get the same things fulfilled with other people who are probably less troubled with life and willing to offer things which you temporary fail to offer.

But thankfully this troubled times in your life will help you see who is important in your life or who should be important in your life and this acid of troubled times which is burning you so deep can also help in dissolving the mask of these so called "friends" too. This is when you see their face, hear their real thoughts and feel their coldness. This is the time you see how much they are hating you and your troubles because they have to act like a support in it, this is the time you hear all their curses, curses so bad which can send a chill through your spine, this is when you feel how unacceptable your down turn is to them, all this while they fail to remember you were like a strong pillar in their bad times or you gave them an ear at the middle of the night.

This is when I get confused thinking what should I answer to such SMS's from these people because whatever curse they gave me in order to shove me out of their life has not come true as yet. Or what ever bad place they wished for me to be in, I am not there. How many times they made me realize that I never had anything to offer, to any one, in anything what so ever. And since that day I have been showered with only wonderful people, friends and companion in my life who constantly tells me how important I am to them.

So, when asked by these kinds of people - If I am keeping good? Then according to their definition of what "good" should be in my life (aka their wishes/curse for me). I should reply that "I am not at all good", in fact, unfortunately for them only the things I wished for has happened to me and none that they wished for me. So answering this will satisfy both the sides ... is'nt it?? LOL

Scribbled By: Ritika Patel

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