Sunday, May 29, 2011

!!! Solitary Destination !!!

Standing here alone, me and my soul
Wondering which direction will make me whole
Walking amidst strangers I know since long
Wearing black hoods, just moving along

Some smile, some talk, some stays for a stroll
Some walks a mile till the turn changes the path
Some become happiness, other offers gall,

Everyone Everywhere, yet no one nowhere
Searching for someone to stay, to care
Now so close to my destination I look back
All of them I met and crossed, all are black

Scared to see,
Standing at the peak of the architect of my desires & dreams
Up so high, that the walkers and travelers are much happier it seems
Standing here alone, me and my soul
Wondering if even not this, then what can make me whole?

Written By : Me & My Soul


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