Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Hidden Truth

Open your eyes and look at me

I am the one who set you free
You are the one who made me see
How wonderful my spirit can be

Turn around and look at me
I am the one you wanted for life
You are the one with all the lies
That our life lies in each other’s eyes

Stand up and look me in the eye
It’s I, who pulled you out from the Drunkard high
You are the one who found solace in me
We found in each other, peace and tranquility

Tired I stepped back,
I met with those,
Icy steely eyes of yours
Passion & Fire they are splashing on me

Why are they always scrutinizing my whole being?
They caught me today speaking to your shadow
and striped my already bared soul
Damn! No more pretense, here's the end of the false role

Written By – The Hidden Wish


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