Tuesday, August 10, 2010

!!! You .... My Love !!!

Life changed, Meaning of renascence I understood now,
Relationship I Reaped, Meaning of sowing I understood now,
Diminishing Restlessness, Meaning of peace I understood now,
Surrounded Happiness, Meaning of prayers I understood now

You are to me, as hunger is
For a kid starved for a century
You are to me, as thirst is
For pedestrian fooled by mirage in desert county
You are to me, as belonging is
For an orphan by destiny
You are to me, as love is
For a vacuous soul like me….

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  1. I really like the vocabulary here :)

  2. aww....dats so sweet....4 an orphan by destiny.so thoughtful n deep expressions 4 love....loved it!!!
    n d first stanza...use of opposite feeling n actions...simply awesum

  3. Beautifully Crafted!!

    Smiles :)

  4. @ Koo : Thank you so Much :)
    @ Poonam: I like the way you comment on every detail .. enjoy reading your comments :)
    @Prashant : Thanks .. keep dropin in :)

  5. Hi Ritz, I like this, it has a nice rhythm and is very deep. I really enjoy the second part, it has great imagery. I like your blog too, thanks for stopping by mine :)

  6. great examples u gave through ur rythmic poem.really liked it ......keep it up.

  7. @rch: Hey gr8 to see u here and keep dropping by.

    @Pratibha: Thanks a lot ... its fun to write poems and express feelings this way it can show you how you can connect to others through "feelings" without even knowing about it.


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