Wednesday, September 22, 2010

!!! Past .... Still not too Far !!!

Why when forgetting past relationships, either good or bad, all the reliability and trust ends with the end ofthat relation.

Every time people from your past tell tales about you it makes you wonder whether you should be trusting the relationship you are in at present or not.. 

Nobody can predict the life of a relationship, Nobody can vouch for its sustainability, but some people from your past relationships, even when out of your life, still can stop you from being yourself in your present relationships.

You share yourself innocently with people you trust and rely on. Same relationships when breaks and your innocence in used by the people from your past with out any second thought makes you an introvert in your all future relationships thinking or rather wondering who will be the next one using you till your innocence dies away and you become like others, I still wonder, I do wonder.... 

Written By - Ritika Patel - "In Disappointment"


  1. that's highly complex...
    The question here is why do their opinion or words makes any difference to us now, why bother at all?

  2. Some of the life's experiences make us skeptical,but that's how it works..Don't think that what has happened in ur past will happen in ur future too.. Faith makes life a worthwhile experience..

  3. @Vishal: Thank you :))

    @Rajat: Would you like it, if people from your past tell tales about your broken relationship or reasons of your being apart from that person.
    Or how would you feel if people from your past use your association with them in bad POV so that they can get the sympathy of the people around?

    @Vaudeville: You are right faith can make life easy...:)

  4. its like once u hve fallen on a path u alwys b careful wen u pass via it....same wid a relationship...yes we hve 2 b careful but we dont hve 2 avoid or take another path....its life we hve 2 continue walking widout fear n not being introvert....acc 2 me we wud nvr be able 2 start a new relationship :)

  5. hmm thought provoking post.great going Ritz.


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