Friday, May 21, 2010

!!! Let me Fly !!!

Freedom is what I seek
When I was with you
I thought I loved you
You thought I surrendered
Bonded in the ties
Of whats wrong & Whats right

Freedom is what I seek
When I was with you
I thought I am happy
Never realizing its transitory

Welling up of Suffocation
As we fall short of Communication
Going away or letting you go
Is not "something" I would like to think
But Freedom is "something" that I seek

Now living without you
I think I am happy
But I am still suffocated
Stranded on the place we parted
You vanished in a blink
But I was disappointed with my feets
As Freedom is what I seek!!

Written By - Ritika Patel "In hope and prayer"


  1. Nice. I understand this one completely.

  2. u cant tie d one u love......FREEDOM alwys make a relationship strong n dat wud last 4ever :) just fly......

  3. @Phoenix : What I hate is when the readers understand my writings b'coz of experience ...... What I like is when the understand my writings b'coz of Wisdom.. hope you are latter ... experiences likes this shouldnt happen to people:).

  4. @Beyond Horizon : Firstly I love your blog name and your writings are justifiable to it .. gr88:)

    You are right freedom is very important. But not realising that you are in a dead relationship can suffocate you and then after the reality strucks and it ends .... moving on becomes difficult coz of the abrupt ending ... suffocation builds up again knowing how much you lost because you were in a relationship with a "wrong" person .. hence you search for freedom from the end and the suffocation and the regrets and from the relationship itself :)


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