Thursday, June 10, 2010

!!! F.R.I.E.N.D !!!

I dont know when it hit me
But my life was a broken history

I dont know what went wrong
But you lied and cheated all along
I dont know why I hate you
But I cant stop loving you

I dont know how can I come back to you
But you never tried to come back either
I dont know whether I should start fresh with you
But you never tried to initiate either

I don't know if your shield was to protect me from world
Or to keep me all alone
Or its for you to keep yourself from being alone
But it damaged me completely for sure

I dont know if you will ever realise your mistake
But I wont be there when you would
I dont know if you will ever realise what you did
But I hope with my heart if you could

You Broke,You Shattered
And I became the only one getting clobbered
I don't know if you are still my closest friend
But I know I never really understood the trend
When I made my worst enemy my best friend !

(Relationships doesn't break because we did something wrong,
Relationships break when we get into it with someone wrong)
Every thing in our life and life itself completes a full circle and vanishes.

Written By - Ritika Patel


  1. i think friendship is d only relation in d world wer evn our frnd hurts us....u cant live widout his frndshp......probably m saying it bcoz of personal xperience...
    a small misunderstanding can create a havoc in dis precious relation...

  2. I don't care for relations which are fragile because today or tomorrow they'll be lost.. my friendship is as strong as diamond rock.I have my friends who stand with me in my right and fight me when I am wrong.

  3. @beyond Horizon : misunderstandings could create a havoc. even thinking that you have a very good friend and you are in a strong relationship could also be termed as misunderstanding. Thinking that person is the one and only friend that you wanted can also be termed as misunderstanding.

  4. @Rajat : All relationships are fragile in the start and they become strong over the period of time. And some relationships stay fragile till the end ... but for me it is hard to categorise my feelings into fragile relationships and strong relationships ....... because in the end they are all your reltionship and u are attached to all of them.

  5. Sometimes we are gluttons for punishment.
    I don;t think there is an explanation other than love is blind, good or bad,

    Thank you for stopping by my other blog.
    This one, my main blog might not be as scary lol

    Have a nice day


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