Monday, May 24, 2010

!!! Loneliness : My Constant Companion !!!

As I stare outside my window at night
Your memories crawl through the light

As I walk aimlessly on a silent street
My ears are filled with our fighting screams

As my hand tap on my office keyboard
My eyes recalls all the E-mails & SMS we wrote

As I converse casually with my friends and colleagues
All I can hear is our endless conversations & laughing fits

As I eat, talk, laugh and try to be attentive
No one knows pretense & lies is my native

I drank myself to the ruthless night
To stop myself from praying for that one sight

As I constantly surround myself with people
Loneliness plunges in my heart deeper & deeper

As I moved towards his loving care and inviting eyes
Knife of comparisons compels all efforts to die

I tried to forget you in vain
As your love flows through my veins

Wherever I stare outside my window at night
Your memories come crawling through the light

Written By - Ritika Patel


  1. touching....perfect title 4 d expressions :)

  2. Hey ... Poonam ..right??

    Thanks for your all the wonderful comments :)
    Me waiting for your new post too :).

  3. Well said!!!
    Keep it up

    Smiles :)

  4. i sure enjoyed my visit here... keep on writing!

  5. Very touching. Loneliness among crowd....

    Visiting your blog first time. Like it & will want to visit often.

  6. @Harshad .. You are any time and surely welcome as many times as you prefer :)


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