Sunday, July 4, 2010

!!! You Are Not Alone !!!

Wake up and keep moving,
You don’t know how to loose
Then don’t try to find out “how”
Move on, the path is long
And you have me all along

Wake up and keep fighting
End the fight don’t end yourself
Wipe the sweat and the tears
Make room for the laugh lines
Fight – up, the path is long
And you have me all along

Wake up and keep the faith
Good moments are over
So, will be harsh times
You never counted the minutes in happiness
Then stop counting seconds of the sadness
Keep the faith; I know the path is long
But you do have me all along

Wake up and open your eyes
Let me know you feel me when I touch
Let me see the twinkle in your eyes
Let me be the charm of your smile
Let me hear the music in your voice
Let me have you just one more time…

Wake up; it’s us against this disease
Don’t let your determination
Cease to exists

Wake up; it’s me to hold you tight
Hand in hand we will end this fight
I know the path is tough and long
My love, I will be there all along


Written By - Ritika Patel


  1. awesum...touching!
    yes no matter how fatal d disease is......its only love dat wud bind a relation.....2 keep it alive

    P.S. u hve me all along :)

  2. Ritika, u've written this absolutely beautifully, like all the others ofcourse.
    The tender-i'll be there-feeling is jus so warm in this post !!!


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