Saturday, October 23, 2010

!!! BIrthday Bash & BIrthday Blessings !!!

Blessed birthday wishes
From family and relatives
Wonderful gifts and delectable food
With loads of chocolates to chew!!

Rocking birth day wishes
From all the old friends and new
Smiles all around me
Feeling as new as morning dew!!

Beautiful birthday wishes
From near and far
Loved every moment of My Day
Can’t wait for another year to start!!

Happy birthday wishes
From posts, mails, scraps & phone
Oh my god!! I am so overwhelmed
I want to capture every moment before the day is gone!!

Birthday wishes so wonderful
Birthday blues of last year is vanished
I bow my head in front of the god
For giving me new memories to cherish!!

Written By - Ritika Patel


  1. Nice and glad to see the happiness in every word you wrote....M sure much more to follow..... God Bless you :0)

  2. Hope u had a gr8 day.
    Words were clear and showed signs of happiness.
    Btw, I jus happened to hop by here. U've got a good blog space out here. Keep writing. :)
    Try visiting mine, when u find time.


  3. @ daman : thnks soo muchhh

    @ ravi : thnks a lot.... will surely drop by ur's :)

    @ poonam : I am happy :))

    @ Vishal : its a v. narrow minded comment :|

  4. may u have many more such days :D


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