Sunday, December 4, 2011

!!! It Never Goes Away !!!

Picture Courtesy  Damontosa's Photostream
The Clock at my Night stand keeps ticking away
But that "feeling" it never goes away..
The imagination never stops...
And the world is the same as it was a decade ago...
But that "feeling" it never goes away...

Laughter, Talks, Decisions in Profession
Get Together, Hangouts, Celebrations
Everything at its crust, Everything at it bests
But even an hour without that "feeling" don't last
And the Clock is ticking fast..

Looking around seeing those who are the closest
Owning Materialism, most deserving, only the best 
But that "feeling" hovers every minute, every day
And the clock keeps ticking away..

Morning starts with it all around
Night refuses to end without it somehow
Its existence expanding the void, long forgotten..

Suffocation is, when words refuses to define it
And the expression fails to explain it
As I desperately try to find out what it is,
where it comes from and the reason of why it exist....

But the clock at my night stand keeps ticking away
And that "feeling" stubbornly refuses to go away...

Written By - Who else
"Wondering How Long He Wants me to Wait"

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  1. Wait, its long. Holding on to hope and not letting the patience break.


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