Thursday, December 29, 2011

!!! Where is Love !!!

What is the point of imagining love,
Having faith in the destiny and
Withholding your beliefs & dreams
whenever world is cold & stone
When you take the wounds by time, alone
Whenever emotions are shattered
And your soul yet again clobbered
That is the time you look around
To see someone holding you
Or fight for you to save you from frowns
But, all you see is pairs of eyes unconnected,
Figures full of betrayal & lie…
Standing alone, no one to call, no one to hold
That’s when you question the power of love
May be there is power in it…
But then where the hell is love????

Written By – Ebbing Reliance


  1. love is on it's way and it will find you soon, have faith.. remember life has a lot more to offer, you don't ever seek love, it knocks without making a sound

  2. LOve is GOD !

  3. Sometimes you understand what you want only when you see yourself seeking for it.. There are two kinds of people I came across one who understand love and value it but are still deprived of it others who keep jumping from one relationship to another And yet fail to maintain even one because they fail to understand the essence of love .. Its just seems unfair to see the world go the other way:)

  4. Its here, all around you...but i think our eyes are attracted to selfishness, greedy more, which sadly is on rise & true.

  5. Hmm very true poonam ..... World has become more materialistic and some how Love is getting sidelined by convenience, checklists, shortlisting criterias and I donno wot not... I'm u understand what I mean ;) ..



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