Friday, February 18, 2011

!!! Making Love Work !!!

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
                                                                    - William Shakespeare

Love is action  - action, born from the feeling. It is the actions we take that in response generate particular feelings in the ones we love.
To be loving is to love the person the way “they” want to be loved, not the way we want to love them and not the way “we” think they should be loved. – That is the essence of unconditional love.

When you love somebody it is so natural to want to give them, isn't it? But just any kind of giving isn’t necessarily going to make them feel loved by you. Only if in your giving you have made them feel you truly honour their needs and taken time to pay attention, only then they will began to feel safe in your presence. and once they do it will be a lot easier for them to truly open themselves in front of you and they will experience intimacy in their in relationship.

Love & Intimacy – feeling tender, close, vulnerable, trusting, it scares most of the people (specially people like myself) more than love does.
If we do not care to take the time to understand what it is that makes the one we love happy, what it is that make them feel loved, then no matter how hard we try, we will end up frustrated, feeling misunderstood and unappreciated because we will be going about it the wrong way.

And it is absolutely atrocious to force the one you love to behave in the way you want them to behave. To keep venting out the complains and disappointment you have towards them, or to keep making them aware of the things you do for them, keep stating things or consideration you give to the relationship, because this will sow the seed the of undying hatred which will keep taking its form subconsciously in both the partners. Please remember when you do things in love – your only motive is to show the person that how much you love and that gesture of yours should really make them happy. Whatever you do you do it in the end for yourself and not to create debt on your partner.

“Love is patience. Love is paying attention to detail. Love is – taking the time patiently to see who your partner really is and not who you want him/her to be."

  - Written By: Ritika Patel
“From her own experience and extract from a book written by" “Auriela Mc Carthy”

“A big thanks to the one who has helped me to understand all of the above with utmost simplicity, like always”

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