Sunday, February 13, 2011

!!! Honesty is What Makes The "YOU" !!!

Nothing that a relationship offer could be bigger than honesty. It will sound almost unprecedented but getting love, care, understanding and friendship from the person you love is way too easy. What is to be sustained in relationship, which also exists in utmost rarity "is the faith you have in each other" &"the honesty with which you dedicate yourself in a relationship".

I have all my life have been blessed with some gem of friends and most wonderful understanding parents (touchwood). And I hold this as a reason behind my "sort after" approach towards life, as my all the time "Calm & Composed" nature and my "crystal clear "understanding of the most "complicated" of relations, as many have told me over and over again. When you are emotionally secured from the childhood by your parents, and emotionally matured by gaining wonderful friends later in your life, than you are never looking for someone to fill those holes and void in your life which doesn't exists. More often than not it is only one of these traits that is dominant in the individual and the other is frequently left underdeveloped. It is this self realisation that you need which will make you realise what kind of partner you need and will be happy with.

So, probably not being in the race of finding some one to complete you, will actually lead you to the most compatible match for your personality and for the person you are. Which is where i got blessed with thankfully. And which has given my relations a clarity of expectations which is to be shared with each other keeping in mind to treat them as "necessary expectations" and not "irrational expectations".

And that is why what I nurture in my relation is having and giving lot of space and a faithful & honest association with my loved one. And this clarity makes you understand how very important it is to be honest with your love and give in your faith completely to one relation which means life to you.

I preach people, When in a relation never ever compromise on honesty and faith because if these have been wavered once in your relationship, you could for surely expect another blow like it in the near or the long future.... As I said it is easy to find, love, care, friendship and understanding, in its extreme way, in a relationship but it is with utmost rarity that you find some one who is with all his heart and soul honest to you and your relation and more than that honest to his own soul for that matter.

Love can be nurtured, if lessened,
Care to be found again, if lost,
Friendship comes voluntarily,
Understanding is relationships Virtue...
But honesty is its back bone, Unconditional,
And if Damaged, Unrepairable & Irrevocable.

Written By: Ritika Patel
"For those who in the haste of finding love, loses themselves"

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