Friday, February 18, 2011

!!! Closure !!!

Just recently I watched an amazingly outstanding piece of art – Dhobi Ghat. Though there will be many who will happily stand to contradict my statement questioning my sanity. Nevertheless, it wouldn't change my opinion of this movie.

I would say after watching all the 2010 disasters except for Udaan, Dhobi Ghat was a welcome change. I bow to the ability of Kiran Rao, who embraced her character’s not with the virtual reel drama but the simplicity of Reality.

Though I was quite let down by the negative reviews of many about this flick. Because I watched it a wee bit late I had to say I succumbed to their opinions which I almost never do, but although it did became one reason for me to keep delaying, watching it. And now I completely fail to understand why it was so hard for the audiences to accept the ending as it was, which was again a very creatively unique approach towards the story and again so real.

It got me thinking how as a part of a population with unusually high EQ, we tend to look out for closures in almost all aspects of life, for our own emotional stability. From the childhood we follow a trend “what has started should end”. But realms of reality is not so as it turns out while we start embracing the harsh truths of life. This film, like life, didn't provided any closure to the characters, which I thought was extremely beautiful.
There are plenty of things that occurs in our life that do not give us closure in a way we want, like when things suddenly slips out of our hands, like a messed up relationship, like an incomplete desire or a sudden broken dream. Harsh but very simple truth.

As an audience of our Indian Cinema we keep bickering about “how it needs to grow” “how it needs to offer something more real than just all reel” and on the other hand  if the cinema do happen to offer something different it is immediately analysed on irrational norms, just because it was more nearer to reality. Reality as it was shown in this movies as dreams, desire, passion, love, obsession & most of all LIFE, Yes, that’s how I see life, unexpected, unpredictable, and with rarity of any possible or desirable end.

- Written By – Ritika Patel

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  1. i defintly agree wid ur point of view.....n wat i love abt ur blog is u ve got a diffrnt eye to see thing which is too good....loved this post....
    keep writin...

    tace care,


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