Thursday, April 28, 2011

!!! Love Unbowed!!!

I love you, I have always loved you;
It doesn't mean commitment,
Neither does it mean fulfilment
It doesn't mean we are here to stay,
Neither does it mean I will stop you from going disarray

To love was you, Love is to you;
It doesn't mean I take you now and forever,
Neither it has stopped you from hurting me ever
It doesn’t mean giving humiliation on convenience,
Neither does it mean I lack resilience

Love so pure; Love to Lure;
It doesn't mean responsibilities and expectations,
Neither does it mean aloofness and ignorance
It doesn't mean you were godsend angel,
Neither does it mean you will be cared by me ever

I loved you, for once, truly you;
It doesn't mean you were allowed to value it any less than me,
Neither does it make you a honest, superior being
It doesn't mean the act of evil could be forgiven
Neither does it mean I will acknowledge your existence

I loved you, keeping in me for eternity;
It means, the only thing made you worthwhile ....was "Me"!!!

Written By: Ritika Patel


  1. love is a wonderful thing.. joy in our heart it will bring.. :)

  2. Hey, Hi
    that was beautifully brought round a complete circle..really beautifully penned...

    the end was the best part of it... :)

    The Silhouette...

  3. @Rachit : It indeed is :)

    @UB & Vaisakhi : Thank You ...

    @Eon : thnks ...People don love us because we r special rather its their love tht makes us special :)

  4. There are so many words said about Love, Yet none can define well, but your words here did say What Love is, Ritz :)

  5. nice..
    there is this song that plays in my mind
    'My o My you are so good looking, but who are you when I am not looking'


  6. @ Akash - woss which song is that i have got to listen :)

    @ SUB THanks :)

  7. @Ponam : I have unfortunaely come across those kind of ppl whom I have loved unconditionaly and purely but it is ur love thatgets into thwir head.... then wid time ur love and you become too small for you ... recently read a book which said "Never BElittle Love" no matter where it comes from ... its sad but true not every one can understand thevalue and need of love intheir life !


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