Friday, March 11, 2011

!!! Miss You !!!

Reels of memoirs, scattered in a corner of my room
Covered with the dust of ignorance,they will be getting decayed soon
Scared to touch and relive those,
I turn around or just keep my eyes closed
I bet sometimes I hear them screaming for my attention,
But I do keep running away from that time, which surely was not a boon

Crystal moonlight sneaks from a corner of my window
I cover myself with the sheets while I sleep and bury myself inside it so low
Scared to let that glow touch my sight
And relive those moments we lived in love under the full moon nights

Ruthless sun burn my soul making me remember the way you hugged
Mornings are the hardest as I used to wake up in your arms, tugged

Noon’s aren’t better either, now I can go hungry for days
Remembering how we cooked for each other
Served whatever best we could manage on the trays

But Time, above of all has triumphed over my hatred
It made me weep for someone like you, who genuinely cared
Because it put me through the hardest thing of missing you
It is the one who brought you and then took you away, still
Now I believe when someone wise once said….
Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupil

Written By : Ritika Patel - Come Soon !!!


  1. Its a sad one...but full of emotions !
    Its hard to let go of someone close and be in peace...but why so sad thoughts often ?
    Is it mere poetry or has more deeper roots ??

    Nice choice of words...lovely read Ritika !

    Take Care.

  2. Yes it is difficult .... but not impossble ... I have experienced the former ... ow waiting to experience the latter :) ....

    Well why sad thoughts so often ...ok .... let me qoute wot I wrote on my profile
    "My Heart is an artist that paints over what profoundly disturbs it, leaving on the canvas a less dark, less sharp version of the Truth."


  3. Isn't it an irony, Memories which we cherish so sweetly and adore too, sometimes hurts and leaves a feeling of sadness!

    Brilliantly weaved the emotions...can feel it too :)

  4. nice one, very meaningfully written, expressed emotions with rhyme, if its real, go get him is all i have to say, if it imaginary, then many would like to be that imaginary one i suppose!

  5. @Poonam : its so true ... and even more sad when those sweet memories is stolen away by the plays and constrain of time ...
    Thnks for the appreciation

    @Sunil : Thnks ... hahah ... artist only paints but dont wait around to explain his creation right ;)


  6. yes absolutely, one does not need to tell the actual intent behind the post, as Jesse tells in before Sunrise , before Sunset movie, when asked by reporters about his book whether it relates to true incidents, he just simply puts it telling the truth will just take the fun out of it...just enjoy the flow

  7. Nice juxtaposition of ruthlessness and unforgettability of time....When we are conscious of the diabolically ambivalent nature of time, maybe we can at best weave a web of transient emotional shelter around us and cocoon ourselves within it, wondering and waiting when IT comes...when the time comes, or rather goes, taking away along with it everything in its calamitous tsunamic frightfulness! Yes, all "the memoirs get decayed soon"! A very disturbing poem indeed!

  8. @Sunil: yes it will indeed .... so true .... :))

    @surya: yes it is disturbing .... missing someone is rather exhausting and incontrollable and thats wot makes it disturbing .... it feels rather frustrating when people come in to your life take a place and leave (even if for time being) you have to deal with that empty place ...


  9. @anonymous: very heartfelt words...
    Its sad to lose a bond like frindship ... and not every one understand that every relationship in our life has its own essence..

    its my experience that it will be optimism to the extent of foolishness to make some one understand tht
    Broken relationships is best left in the past .. if broken... they were never worth it ... this too I learned the hard way..

    but if its making you miserable "its your life you can change it"

    I did it when he(the inspiration for the verse above) explained me these simple lines
    "you are so afraid to love me,but more afraid to loose
    Clinging to the past which didnt let you choose"

    As i say its your life .. to cry or to just a choice away :))


  10. Take care of yourself. You are a good human.


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