Monday, March 7, 2011

!!! Only If ..... !!!

My heart straggles away to a wonder land
Land, I know nothing of, Land with no identity
I have started missing it more than I ever want to
Only If I could give it more constancy and serenity

I lavishly stride my way with these earthly sumptuosities
And I keep ignoring its hollow breathing
My guards, raised to protect me from the world
Gradually Turned into barricades trapping my raw soul
Only if I know when the heart broke and how to make it whole

I dance to the rhythm of worldly emotions
I become deaf to its pleads, devoid of my attention
Veil of my stature has started engulfing my existence
I become blind to its tears, covering my insane excogitation
Only if I know What I was and What I have become...

Written by : My Restless Soul


  1. Why are you questioning life so much? They seem to be more than words, I hope this is not you, and they are mere words without feelings.

  2. Hey p00ja: thanks for commenting. Whether its me or not .... well its a very difficult thing to answer because its not all me but yes definitly a part of me ... all my writings have a part of me there some where ..... but whether they completely define what I really am ... I do not know ...
    I am glad to read wot you wrote " they seem to be more than words" ... :))

  3. serenity, calm, peace everything worth living is getting devoid by this current era...somehow I wish could get the answers you have raised

    But its definitely not the end of Hope!

  4. Ritz, you are being glad a bit too soon! What Pooja meant was "They seem to be no more than words"; else, how do you explain what follows, ie.,"...they are mere words without feelings"? Of course, Pooja momentarily forgot that the poet in us is a different persona and you can't be called to account to what the poet in you says or doesn't say! A poetic outpouring is like a baby a poet gives birth to...who knows what the baby grows into as it starts putting on days, weeks, months, and years(time)? Even the parent doesn't! Right? A reader has the right to interpret a work of art as it evolves over time anyway he/she likes, just as myriad impressions can be formed of the growing baby. Most of the times, they won't be the same as those of the parent!!

  5. Anonymous:
    is'nt a child a part of a parent too? ... isnt the thoughts that you pour into your verse, coming from the same mind, personality & experience had by the same soul? ... I guess you niether understood Pooja's comment nor mine, forgot about my wrie - up ....

    What pooja meant I guess I understood pretty well and if the case is not so, I think I would gladly accept the same from pooja herself.
    "you saw what followed but you failed to read what preceded... she "hoped" that I have not felt all these feelings"

    Poet in us is a different persona:
    Well I would beg to differ, its a shade of your perception of things around you, which is strong enough to shape its self into words put together to become the medium of one's voice(inner/external)

    Pooja momentarily forgot that the poet in us is a different persona and you can't be called to account to what the poet in you says or doesn't say
    I do not undersdtand why you keep addressing the talent of "poetry/writing/expression" as a third person. Its in you, its you and no one else ...

    I guess if you have the wisdom enough to understand the write - ups, comments, poetry on this or others blog, and if you have the guts to take the responsibility of the thoughts that occurs in your mind and feelings that you are capable of feeling, only that day you will be STRONG enough to take the account of your poetry or only that day you will come out from being ANONYMOUS..

    I would again take the liberty of being "Glad" without your permission ..... Glad that you stopped by and took time to comment ...


  6. @Poonam: so true ..... not the end of the hope .... surely not ... I dont want to spread negativity but it feels good to pour your heart out .... when you write .... it captures what you feel in that moment .... but I surely do not stay in that mood all the time ... its like a phase it comes and goes .... and neither is in your hand ... :)


  7. Beautifully penned down...too many questions in a small verse...I won't ask why so many, coz at some point of time..we all have questions that are unanswered by life and all we try is to search answers for times we get at times we don't !

    Keep Writing.

    Take Care.


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