Sunday, March 13, 2011

!!! Soulless !!!

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Yes I do not have any conscience,
Nor I have any good and bad in me
Because my "God" gave souls to all but me...

Written By : Ritika Patel


  1. why so much of anger and hatred ??

  2. If I oculd answer such questions........ I would not write such posts :)))

  3. Writing is a good way to let it out. I think we all have souls, there is not good no bad. Don think too much...jus rite it and let it go. I know not so easy to do as to say..but theres more to life than sorrow.

    Once you are out of your blue, u shall see life in a new light!

    take care.

  4. soul and the sole...both get worn out...sooner or later...but, the redeeming feature for both is that spares are available, hehe, the one for the former with a lover and the one for the latter with a cobbler, hehe.

  5. @p00ja:As I have written so many times when I write its quite momemtary ..... you get in tht state you write let it out and you let go ..... just like phase it comes and goes :)

    and yes its very important to keep that ight intact it helpsyou go through every day expecing somethin new and something better .... more often than not it is always for better :)


  6. @surya: is it.... I dont know ... wether your soul could be replaced by your lover .... its very far fetched ....:))


Words Good or Bad makes a difference .... yours will make too....


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