Tuesday, February 1, 2011

!!! Shadows in Eyes !!!

I was never in love with you
No, It was your smile who screamed for my attention
All I could hear is the faint cries when you smile
I could hear the prayers of the desperation of being belonged to...

I was never in love with you
No, It was your eyes who spoke to me first
It was the whispers in them that I heard
It was the feelings in them that I captured
It was the invisible tears which shined at me

How can I hear your words when your eyes have a conversation of their own .....
Its the reflection of your heart in your eyes that I fell in love with .....
No, I don't know you ..... but shadow of your soul is what I am familiar with .... its your heart that I know ...

Written By - Ritika Patel


  1. What should I say more!!!

    you rightly said...Eyes...reflection of mind and heart too!

    Beautiful :)

  2. Very beautiful..Short and sweet and filled with profound meaning..

  3. Every emotion is concealed within the eyes. It is for the beholder to capture them and understand them. Beautifully written.


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