Saturday, May 14, 2011

!!! Accept or Reject : Yet it Stays !!!

I don't Worry nor I Pray ..
Because if you haven't got one you don't the need the other.

I don't Love and Regret ..
Because if latter comes the former was never there.

I don't Decide and Wonder ..
Because neither can exist in the presence of other.

I don't Sin and Redeem ..
Because my soul denies to be faithful to both.

I don't forget nor I forgive ..
Because humans aren't made to live without memories.

I neither Accept nor Reject ..
Because neither of the two could erase the existence of the matter.

Written By : A Human


  1. Really good one. I like the way you think.

  2. Logical thinking..Great writing..:)

    Take care :)

  3. Logical thinking..Great writing..:)

    Take care..:)

  4. Nicely compiled, makes a lot of sense (as of now). Maybe, one day, I hope to debate couple of them :)

    Another Human!

  5. All f9 except the first line. True that when we have a worry we pray, but that does not mean that is the only reason we pray. Sometimes its just that we need to reassure ourselves and thank the one we are praying to for the lack of worrries.
    The rest of the lines are definitely thought-provoking and impact anyone who reads. a nice blog and nicer posts.

  6. @Soumya & Amar & Sub: Thank You Huys :)) and amar you have got a great blog too ..

    @coolant : I would be waiting ... I would be glad to here the counter agreements :)))

    @Eivish : You are right abou the first line blogs are rather momentary though they are all very close to my heart and a piece of me persist in each one of them ... and thank you for the apreciation

  7. Nothing to say..Its so meaningful :)


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