Thursday, March 12, 2009

!!! Are You in Love !!!

Love, a word full of irony…
You stand against all odds do all kind of things
And say you are in love.
You smile and laugh without any reason
And say you are in love.

Eyes glittering with that twinkle,
Cheeks glowing with dimples,
Encountering which we called
“real” feeling of “happiness”
And say you are in love.

Increased sensitivity, increased expectations,
Finding Solace in the smallest of gestures,
And say you are in love
Losing control of your soul,
of your tears, your sanity,
And say you are in love.

Waiting for small beep of your mobile,
Waiting for that ringtone of your mobile,
To see that name flash on its screen
Every second minute of the day,
Endless hours on chat,
on mobile, in coffee shops,
And say you are in love.

Closing your eyes to see him,
ignoring the ones you can actually see
And say you are in love,
Remembering the words from the first date,
10th date, 20th date,
Forgetting what your mom said a minute ago.
Waiting for him to ask
how you are when you are sick,
What about those who took care of you
and aid you to better health,
Still you say you are in love.

When you hurt your parents,
Step on the hearts of loved ones
Who really did cared,
And say you are in love,
What about the love of people.

Who take your ignorance and still care for you,
What about the love of people
Who make you the reason of there prayers,
You deny everything, stand facing against them,
And say you are in love.

And one day you loose them all,
You would crave for hands,
to wipe your tears,
You crave for hands,
who tucked you to sleep every night.
You repent, you regret, you cry, you scream.
Standing in front of the god you ask:
For another chance,
for an another moment,
just one more moment.

To make things right, to do things differently,
To repair the damage you caused,
To have those back, really loved ones who you lost,
When you “were” in love.

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