Monday, June 29, 2009

!!! Can you say “Sorry” or “Thank You”!!!

Sorry and Thank you…..Two most beautiful words in the world but some how they are the most underused and most feared. Why is it so easy to go on abusing some one who has hurt you to the core but when you are the one delivering the hurtful circumstances You fail to utter a single word of apology. The words with hardly two syllables can take almost 2 centuries before it can drop from your brain to your motor senses but some how it hardly ever reaches to your lips.

Endless night of silence and the numerous days of ignorance seem much easier then looking into the hopeful eyes and saying “I am sorry”. Living with the name tag of being egoistic and arrogant is much more welcomed then just accepting the fact, which you do accept that you are at the fault, which goes on forever and leads you to the dead end. End which is reasoned with the illusion of an escapist calling it as inevitable or over shadowed with the unarguable fact called destiny; conveniently forgetting that a single gesture can bring smiles and break walls and bring happiness and can save relationships from dying.

I don’t understand the fear these word creates. This fear makes the word fear look so meaningless. Not just a simple sorry but even just a simple thank you is so hard to utter. Thanking people in little gestures can actually increase the frequency of those gestures; Thank you is more useful than any expensive gift that can be bought in this world. It can create a moment which could be nurtured through your whole life but somehow people will find it easier to spend countless amount of green papers on materialistic things when the invaluable gift of letting some one know that there presence and gestures are acknowledged and appreciated is present within themselves.

Homo sapiens are the most complex species present on the planet earth. Who said that? A human right! We are the ones who tend to complicate every thing because the moment things start flowing smoothly being the so called “complex species”, we tend to question every thing. Walls of skepticism gets built across every corner and then we look back and say “man life is a struggle”. Of course it is a struggle, struggle of not creating skepticism and struggle for breaking the walls or not creating them in the first place. And the mere acknowledgement that these two words can act as a hammer which can be used to break these walls or they can even erase every skeptical thought makes us run away from them thinking if everything falls into place way too quickly then there would be nothing left to question. So, the more questions you get to ask more satisfied you tend to become from your life… n you keep repeating the mantra “life is difficult” or is it?....think again !!!

Written by - Ritika Patel

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  1. Thank you for your friendship & sorry for all the hurt caused.


Words Good or Bad makes a difference .... yours will make too....


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