Monday, September 7, 2009

!!! Love Bore Envy !!!

I looked out of my window
Remembering the past
Lips turning into a smile
People watching me, are aghast
Oh, how I love to see envy in their eyes

With you as I see now
My life seems to be a dancing floor
You moved with my every move
With every flip n turn,
Only Happiness you bestowed
So, I kept asking more

With you as I see now
My life seems to be a holiday on a cruise
Standing hand in hand below the moon
I know I have nothing to loose
You moved a strand of hair away from my face
I realized again, it’s me who you will always choose

With you as I see now
My life seems to be my bestseller book
Story of happiness, motivation and love
Something that every one can relate to
Reading the success of my life, “you”
Lost in past, Lips turning into smile
Oh how I love to see envy in their eyes

But they don’t know
My smile is neither for the past
Nor for present
I am smiling thinking of the end

Without you as I see now
My life will be of a pedestrian
With a path which is lost,
A stem of thorns
Ending without a rose,
My road will be of succession
Moving ahead but without any passion

Without you as I see now
I will only spend my evenings
Thinking what I have
And what all is missing.

Lost in your thoughts,
Lips turning into smile,
They would think, it can't be true
Such happiness is not life’s virtue
She has to be full of lies
Oh!! How I love to see envy in their eyes!!!

Written by – Ritika Patel


  1. this is the best write up in ur blog..
    Wot a professional style of writing

  2. Thanks a lot ......... M glad you Liked it !!

  3. Poets use symbols or metaphors to create imagery. This poet uses words....simple words, but words that breathe and bring before our eyes a tapestry of fathomless emotions, a mosaic of ineluctable feelings.....
    The words throb with passion, faint with quaintness, sob in desperation.....but all in sublime simplicity!

  4. What a beautiful comment .... I think I should give my self more credit then i originally do :). Thank you for droppin in !!!


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