Friday, April 13, 2012

!!! Pray From Heart !!!

You want to see every rhythm I hear
This distance this testing I cant bear
I keep thinking what is it that you lack
That every footstep makes you look back

A whoosh of a wind brings that smile long withdrawn
A minute ignorance can bring that tear rolling down
Peace you find staring at the moon standing in the lawn
Every time you wish to see your dream come true in dawn

What you want I do not understand
What you desire is beyond the space of my land
I wish if you could just stop wishing on a wishing star
I wish if you could stop framing every silhouette you pass

For what the fate brings is in neither of our hands
As I cant predict when this wondering will end
You have tired me more than I can handle
How could you still go on without being surrendered

For I only fear the future for you..
If you will not find the one thing you survived on hoping

You may smile but you will be breaking pieces apart

So I knelt down once again ...
As I do every time you are in pain
For you are my only "Heart"
How can I let your moans go in "vain"

Written By - Ritika Patel "To wish for no "pain" is like wishing for no "heart""


  1. pain.. eh..
    describes the agony.. lovely piece of writing..

  2. @Compassion and Rachit - Thank you very much for commenting so promptly on this piece .... :)


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