Friday, May 13, 2016

!!! Ephemeral You !!!

Words stuck in the depths of my mind
If I could catch one, to create possibilities divine
Roaming around the corners of my subconscious
Ransacking neurons to find the story so precious

When I look at the old verses,
The journey I had taken, rehashes  
They reflect that time, when the girl I was
Somehow I just cannot find her

Life wasn't the bowl of cherries at that time
Yet, it brought the poet in me alive
Though I never want to travel back
But it gave me the grounding that I once lacked

Only recently I realised,
Sand flows faster, tighter the grip
The phases of you will come and go in a fit
Scattering everlasting impressions in your life,
Move, Move on, leave it and let go,
Only today needs to be cherished for what it holds!

Written By - My Grudge That I Refuse to Drop!

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