Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Suspended in the Lost Dimension

Sometimes I feel like I should write.
Just write. And keep writing.
But I feel my mind is empty
Devoid of emotions
Emotions which help phrase the words
I feel numb at the place where my brain should be
I read my old verse, and I cannot recognize or remember the girl who wrote them.
I feel numb
I feel a lot of things, none are healthy or positive
I feel like I am trapped in my mind, and there are no words in the dictionary which can release me.
I feel like I am stuck and my legs are rigid, I want to run, but I can’t move,
I want to fly, but I can’t move, I want to change but I can’t move
I just want to breathe but I can’t move
I want, I want, I want, but am unable to, something invisible has caught me,
And keeping me in a place which is neither beautiful nor peaceful.
I feel numb where I suppose to feel, and I feel too much where I am supposed to be numb.
Suspended in the lost dimension.


  1. I can empathize with your words in all respect.

    How have you been?

    1. It is so good to see you here. I have been.....Hmm.. I don't know.. existing... Just that! :)
      May be a phase...

  2. Replies
    1. @Angel: thank you very much for your comments, hope to see you again.


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