Tuesday, March 10, 2009

!!!Lost Soul!!!

When winds were hard, and sun ruthless,
And moon was shy, when the time was timeless,
When I looked different, when I felt different,

That time I think of you,
“You” who gave me hope,
“You” Who gave me dreams,
“You” who gave me wisdom,

I met you every time-
Every time I could touch my soul,
and every time I could breath,
And every time I could dance, a
And every time I could smile,
And every time I wanted to
or I could live.

“You” were there to whisper,
Words of happiness, words of beauty,
Words of souls, Words of different world,
But yet words of reality,
And now I ask you - where are you,
Where could I find you, and you replied,

Smile and you will be able to feel me,
dance and I will dance with you
Find your soul and
you will find me right there,
Fulfill your dreams
and then we shall meet,

And I realized I have forgotten
what it feels like to smile,
How can I find my soul
when I don’t know where I am?

I can’t remember my dreams,
than what should I fulfill,
I could hear rhythms everywhere,
different rhythms, all kinds of rhythms
But none I like, then how could I dance,

I don’t remember what it feels like to be alive;
feels like to be loved,
How long it has been, I can’t remember,
And again I asked you –
can I get all this back.

Can I find you again,
will I ever be able to dance again,
Will I ever be able to feel love,
Will I ever be alive again?
Will I? ………. will I?

And I thought I heard your answer,
I heard something,
And then dropped a tear
listening the echo of my own voice…...!!!!

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